If you are on a Travel Pro Plan, you can set up a Tramada integration which enables you to import your Tramada bookings into Umapped.

Company Set Up

If you are an existing Tramada user, an agency rep must complete the Tramada Module Request Form (contact your Tramada rep to access). The Umapped Customer Success Team will work with Tramada to implement the integration for your company and notify you when setup is complete.

Make your Tramada bookings available in Trip Publisher

Click here to learn how to make your Tramada bookings available in Umapped.

Use the Umapped Trip Publisher to enhance your clients' itinerary

1. From the Dashboardsearch for your Trip by name.

2. Click on your Trip to review the segments synced from Tramada.

For more info about adding and editing segments or destination content, here's how to access more support.