If you book with with DMCeXplorer, you can import your reservations into Umapped with a few clicks.

Account Set Up

Email our Support Team at support@umapped.com to request access to the new DMCeXplorer x Umapped integration. Once the setup is completed for your account, you will receive a confirmation email from Umapped with full instructions.

1. From within a Trip, click Suppliers, then select DMCeXplorer.

2. Select the DMCeXplorer reservation(s) you want to add to your Trip and click Add To Trip.

  • If your reservations are not displayed, you can search by reservation number.

3. If you are creating a new Trip, enter the desired Trip name and click Create. If you are adding to an existing Trip, enter the Trip name and click Add To Trip. 

4. The tour stops will now appear as segments in your Trip.