This guide walks through how to build a trip itinerary using the Umapped Trip Publisher in five easy steps. 

A. Trip Info

B. Itinerary

C. Documents

D. Preview

E. Publish

F. Traveler Interface

Review Trip Publisher 101 before using the Umapped Trip Publisher.

**Bookmark the link to quickly access the Trip Publisher login page.

To start a new trip, select + New Trip in the top right of your Dashboard

A. Trip Info

Start creating your trip by entering basic information under “1. Trip Info”.

Step 1: Add a Trip Name: Clients will see the trip name as the title of their trip.

In order to have the Traveler Names and Booking Number included in the final itinerary, please ensure you enter the trip name in the below format:

Trip Name - Traveler Name, Traveler Name - Booking Reference Number

Note: Each traveler name should be separated by a comma to have it appear on a new line in the itinerary. 

Step 2: Add Travel Dates: Select when the trip will begin and end.

Step 3: Add a Destination Tag

Step 4: Select Save Trip to continue building your trip.

This is how the agent can select the correct Trip Cover Images. 

To add your destination of choice, follow this format: destination:destination (followed by a space). 

For example, as shown below, creating an Alberta trip would be entered as "destination:alberta ".

B. Itinerary

All bookings, reservations and important travel information are consolidated into the day-by-day itinerary for travellers. 

A. Add GOGO Bookings

Step 1: In Umapped, from Step 2: Itinerary of trip, select Tour Operators and then GOGO Vacations

Step 2: Enter your GOGO Vacations User Name, Password and Booking Confirmation Number then select Import.

Step 3: Once you click on Import, your bookings will be added into the trip you are working on.

B. Add Content

Step 1: Select +Content and then Content Note

Step 2: Enter a Title and any content in the Note section and click Save

You can also enter a Date and Time for this New Content, however, refer to Step 3 below for more details about New Content placement in the itinerary.

Step 3: If this New Content is associated with a particular Booking, select the booking from the Link to Booking drop-down menu. 

This will ensure that your New Content is placed after the Booking in the itinerary.

C. Documents

Include supporting documents, travellers may need during their travels, directly in the trip. Documents are available to travellers in the documents tab of the mobile app and the web itinerary. Documents can be used in a variety of ways: adding more information about a specific booking, including vouchers, e-tickets, cancellation policies or destination content (like a country guide). 

Attach PDF or Word files under 10MB (like e-tickets or vouchers) to a trip. Click here for full instructions.

D. Preview

You can review the following in Step 4:

1. Calendar: All Bookings will be visible on their specified date.

2. Documents: See any documents added in Step 3.

3. Map: Review the locations visible to the travellers on their map. If you are missing locations, add addresses to vendors you have used in Step 2. Please see here for instructions. 

4. Preview PDF: Download the PDF to view what your travellers will see.

E. Publish

Publish and send the trip to your travellers. Enter names and email addresses of individuals traveling to send them a personalized, branded email that includes links to the Traveler Interface (Web, PDF and Mobile App).

Step 1: Add the travellers' email, first and last name. Then select Add Traveller. Repeat for each traveller.

**Add yourself as a Traveler to receive a copy of the itinerary by email. This is a great way to review the trip from the client's perspective.

Step 2: When you are ready select Publish Trip to send an email to the listed travellers.

**See the email sent to your traveler by clicking on the “Preview Email” button after adding your traveler. Click here to see more.

Step 3: If you make any changes to the trip, you can re-publish the trip. Please see here for instructions.

F. The Traveler Interface

A branded email will be sent to the traveler, when you add them in Step 5. Publish, containing everything they need to access their trip.

Travellers can access their Trip in three formats. Click here to learn more: 

1. Web Itinerary 

2. PDF

3. Mobile App

**Now that your traveler has access to the trip on Web Itinerary and the Mobile App, use the Umapped Messenger to send them recommendations and upsell products for their journey. 

Click here for more information.

For further assistance please contact