Umapped's Tramada integration allows you to access your Tramada bookings from within your Umapped account! This integration is available to members of the Pro plan (and can be set up during your free trial period as well!)

Part 1 - Company Set Up

Please note that to set up this Pro integration, an agency rep will need to complete the Module Request Form within the Tramada system by selecting the Umapped Itinerary Builder

Once completed, you will be able to search and/or display your bookings within your Umapped account. Our Support Team will reach out to you once the integration set up is completed.

Part 2 - Using the integration

Follow the below instructions learn how to add your Tramada bookings to any Umapped trip!

1. When you are in your Account Dashboard, select Booking Inbox. You can either keep the Source field on All or select Tramada from the drop-down menu. Enter your booking number in the Keyword field and select Search.

**Ensure you de-select the Search New Bookings Only indicator to allow all bookings to be searched.

2. Select the Booking Number you want to add to a trip itinerary and click Add To Trip

To select the Booking Number, check off the box to the left of the number.

3. Are you creating a new trip or adding to an existing trip?

For a new trip, enter the desired trip name and click Create Trip

For an existing trip, enter the trip name and click Add to an Existing Trip

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact