Travelers can add to their itineraries by adding their own flight bookings!

When you are on the mobile app as a traveler on a trip, you can add the below details:

  1. Invite a friend as a collaborator
  2. Add content notes and photos 
  3. Add a rail/train booking 
  4. Add a restaurant booking
  5. Add an activity 
  6. Add a car rental
  7. Add an accommodation 
  8. Add a flight booking (instructions below)

Learn how to Add a Flight Booking below:

1. In the mobile app, select the trip you would like to add a note to. From the Itinerary Tab, select the blue circle icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Here you will see different options to add to your itinerary. Add a flight booking by selecting the plane icon.

3. When you have added the flight details you want, select the Save button (at the bottom of the Add Flight screen).

4. Your flight will now be added directly to the trip as an itinerary item.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact