When you are on the mobile app as a traveler on a trip, you can add the below details:

  1. Invite a friend as a collaborator
  2. Add content notes and photos 
  3. Add a rail/train booking 
  4. Add a restaurant booking
  5. Add an activity 
  6. Add a car rental (instructions below)
  7. Add an accommodation
  8. Add a flight booking

Learn how to Add a Car Reservation below:

1. In the mobile app, select the trip you would like to add a note to. From the Itinerary Tab, select the blue circle icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Here you will see different options to add to your itinerary. Add a car booking by clicking on the car icon.

3. When you have added the details you want, select the Save button (at the bottom of the Add a Car booking screen).

4. Your booking will now be added directly to the trip as an itinerary item.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact support@umapped.com.