Enhance and personalize your client trips by adding video links through content notes and documents!

Please see below for instructions on each way to add a video:

Adding a video to a content note

1. Select the +Content icon from a specific booking, or at the top of the trip itinerary.  

2. Add a title to the new note, and select Save.

3. Once you have saved the content note, additional icons will become available to select. Click on the Add a Video icon.

4. In the pop-up window, add a video Title and the Video Url then select Add.

5. To see the video in your trip, select to Preview Web-Itinerary from Step.5 Publish. You can see the video directly in your trip!

Add a video to a document

Similarly to adding a video to a content note, you can add a video to a page within a Document. 

1. Select Library from the Trip Publisher header, then select New Document 

Please note, you can follow the same steps to add a video to an existing document - simply search for the document under the Documents tab under the same Library header.

2. Select the Add a Video icon and then Save the document. Proceed to follow steps 4 & 5 above to name the video, add the Url and preview in the Web Itinerary.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact support@umapped.com