This guide will walk you through the basics of how to build a trip itinerary using Umapped!

Review the Trip Publisher 101 guide for important introductory information and terminology.

Before Getting Started:

Do you have PNRs in Sabre that you want to import into the itinerary you will be creating?

Before even starting your itinerary in Umapped, start by placing the Sabre PNRs you want to add to your Umapped itinerary onto the 'Umapped queue' in Sabre. 

Email to confirm your company's Umapped queue.

**Bookmark the Umapped Trip Publisher log in page in your browser:

To start a new trip itinerary, click on the + New Trip button in the top right of your account

Follow the 5 Step Trip Building Process!

  • Step 1: TRIP INFO
  • Step 2: ITINERARY
  • Step 3: DOCUMENTS
  • Step 4: REVIEW
  • Step 5: PUBLISH 


Step 1 is where you enter the basic trip information, you can think of this like creating a cover page for the itinerary!

  • Enter a Trip Name, Start Date, End Date and click Save Trip

Trip Name:  Clients will see the trip name as the title of their trip itinerary. This name is included in the emails they receive and is visible on all three formats of the trip.

Start Date and End Date: Select when the trip will begin and end. Next, select Save Trip to create the trip.

  • Add a Trip Cover Photo 

The Trip Cover Photo is the first visual your clients will see on all three formats of the trip itinerary (web, PDF, mobile app)!

Click on the grey photo thumbnail, or on the Upload button, to add a photo. You can search for a photo 

from the free Image Library (powered by Wikimedia,) or Upload a Photo from your computer. 

Please see here for further instructions on adding photos in Umapped.

  • Click the Save Trip button to move onto Step 2:Itinerary! 


Step 2 is where you will import and add all bookings, reservation and other travel information into one, consolidated day-by-day itinerary for your clients! 

This quick start guide will review how you can:

A) Import PNRs from Sabre

B) Add Additional Bookings (not in Sabre)

C) Add Content; like notes, messages, and important information

A) Import PNRs from Sabre

Make sure that you have completed the 'Before Getting Started' section above!

The PNRs you have placed on the Umapped queue will become available to you in Umapped in approx. 10 minutes

Step 1: In Umapped: Click on + Import Bookings and then Import From Booking Inbox from the drop-down menu

Step 2: Enter the Sabre PNR in the Keyword field, select Sabre as the Source and then click Search


Step 3: Check the box to the left of the PNR(s) you want to import into the trip itinerary and select Add to Trip


Tip! Any time you make a change to your PNR(s) in Sabre, re-place your PNR on the Umapped assigned queue and the Umapped itinerary will automatically update**! 

**NB: If you made manual changes/additions to the Sabre imported bookings in Umapped, please note that these will be overwritten by the updated Sabre information.

B. Add Additional Bookings (not in Sabre)

Step 1: Click on the + Add Bookings drop-down menu to select the category of booking you want to add to the itinerary

Step 2: Fill in the required details and click Save

Click here to read more.

C. Add Content

Add notes, messages, destination content and other important information directly into the day-by-day itinerary. 

For example, add additional emergency contact information at the top of the itinerary or dining recommendations on a day they do not yet have dinner plans!

Read here to learn how.


Step 3 allows you to add supporting documentation like e-tickets, vouchers, destination guides, etc.

Include supporting documents, travelers may need during their travels, directly in the trip. Documents are available to travelers in the documents tab of the mobile app and the web itinerary. Documents can be used in a variety of ways: adding more information about a specific booking, including vouchers, e-tickets, cancellation policies or destination content (like a country guide). 

Attach PDF or Word files under 10MB (like e-tickets or vouchers) to a trip. Click here for full instructions.

Tip! Any Word or PDF Files that are attached can be linked to a specific booking in the itinerary for easy access for travelers. Click here for more information.

Step 4: REVIEW

Step 4 shows you a summary of everything you've added to the itinerary so far!

A) Calendar: View the trip bookings in a calendar view

B) Documents: Review a summary of all supporting documents

C) Map: Each location in the trip itinerary will be marked on the trip map

  • If nothing is missing, move onto Step 5:Publish!


Step 5 is where you generate the client's itinerary, preview the itinerary and send it to your clients!

To preview the client itinerary interface before sending:

  • Click the Publish Trip button
  • Click on the Preview Web Itinerary button to review the itinerary online and download the PDF


To send the itinerary to your clients:

  • Add each client as a Traveler by entering their Email, First Name, Last Name and clicking Add Traveler

Tip! Add yourself as a Traveler to receive a copy of the itinerary by email. This is a great way to review the trip from the client's perspective. 

Tip! See a copy of the itinerary email sent to your clients by clicking on the Preview Email button next to their name.

Click here to learn more.

Your Client's Itinerary

Your clients will receive their itinerary by email once you add them as Travelers to Published trip. The itinerary email is branded with your company and contact information and is includes everything your clients need to access their trip details online, PDF, and through the mobile app.

Travelers can access their Trip in three formats. Click here to learn more: 

1. Web Itinerary 

2. PDF

3. TzellTrip Mobile App

Tip! Now that your client(s) has access to their trip itinerary via the Web Itinerary and the Mobile App, use the Umapped Messenger to send them recommendations and additional bookable content! Click here for more information.