This guide walks through how to build a trip itinerary with a focus on how to use your customized vendor profiles & saved content!

Tip! Bookmark the link to quickly access the Trip Publisher login page.

Before using the Umapped Trip Publisher, we suggest reviewing the Trip Publisher 101 information found here so you have all the information needed to get started. 

Select +New Trip from your account Dashboard to get started!

Building proposals and itineraries is a 5 Step process*:

A. Step 1: Trip Info

B. Step 2: Itinerary

C. Step 3: Documents

D. Step 4: Preview

E. Step 5: Publish

Tip!Not all steps are mandatory!

A. Step 1: TRIP INFO

Enter the basic trip information:

    1. Add a Trip Name

    2. Add Travel Dates

    3. Add a Trip Cover Photo

1. Add a Trip Name:  Clients will see the trip name as the title of their trip. This name is included in the emails they receive and is visible on all three formats of the trip. 

2. Add Travel Dates: Select when the trip will begin and end. Next, select Save Trip to create the trip. 

3. Add a Trip Cover Photo: After saving the trip name and dates, you have the option of adding a cover photo. This is the main visual on all three formats of the trip. Click on the grey photo thumbnail to add a photo. Search for a photo in the image library (powered by Wikimedia,) add a photo directly from a website, or select a photo from your computer. Please see here for instructions on adding photos. Select Save Trip to continue building your trip.

Now you are ready for Step 2. Itinerary where you will create the day-by-day itinerary. 


In this step, all booking details, reservations information and important travel information are consolidated into the day-by-day, chronological itinerary.

1. Add Bookings

2. Add Content

1.  Add Bookings

There are different ways to add booking information to the trip itinerary. Review the following options to learn all the ways you can add reservation information.

A. Add Bookings using the +Add Bookings menu

B. Integrations

A. Add Bookings using +Add Bookings menu

Add bookings yourself by selecting a category from Add Bookings in Step 2: Itinerary as shown below. For full instructions, please see here

B. Integrations

Umapped is integrated with GDS, ClientBase and Tour Operators. Please see here for more details on all available integrations.

2. Add Content

Add notes, destination content and other additional information for your travelers within the trip. Read here to learn how.

Next is Step 3 where you can add documents for your clients. Select 3. Documents to move on.


Include supporting documents, travelers may need during their travels, directly in the trip. Documents are available to travelers in the documents tab of the mobile app and the web itinerary. Documents can be used in a variety of ways: adding more information about a specific booking, including vouchers, e-tickets, cancellation policies or destination content (like a country guide). 

Attach PDF or Word files under 10MB (like e-tickets or vouchers) to a trip. Click here for full instructions

Tip! Any Word or PDF Files that are attached can be linked to a specific booking within the trip itinerary for easy access for travelers. Click here for more information.

Any documents in your Umapped Library can be added to your trip itinerary. Select Add from Library. See here on how to create a Umapped Document.

Next is Step 4. Review where you can review your trip itinerary before sending to travelers. 

D. Step 4: PREVIEW

You can review the following in Step 4:

1. Calendar: All Bookings will be visible on their specified date.

2. Documents: See any documents added in Step 3.

3. Map: Review the locations visible to the travelers on their map. If you are missing locations, add addresses to vendors you have used in Step 2. Please see here for instructions. 

4. Preview PDF: Download the PDF to view what your travelers will see.

When you are done reviewing, you can move to the last step by by selecting 5. Publish.

E. Step 5: PUBLISH

Publish and send the trip to your travelers or add a Travel Professional to collaborate with. 


In this step:

1. Send directly to Travelers

2. Collaborate with Travel Professionals

1. Send directly to Travelers

Enter names and email addresses of individuals traveling to send them a personalized, branded email that includes links to the Traveler Interface (Web, PDF and Mobile App).

A. Add the travelers' email, first and last name. Then select Add Traveler. Repeat for each traveler.

Tip! Add yourself as a Traveler to receive a copy of the itinerary by email. This is a great way to review the trip from the client's perspective.

B. When you are ready select Publish Trip to send an email to the listed travelers.

Tip! See the email sent to your traveler by clicking on the “Preview Email” button after adding your traveler. Click here to see more.

C. If you make any changes to the trip, you can re-publish the trip. Please see here for instructions.

2. Collaborate with Travel Professionals

You can invite colleagues and third parties (suppliers, vendors, tour operators, etc.) to work on trips with you! Collaborators can be assigned various degrees of access to your trips (to review only, to Publish to clients, etc.) and do not have to have an existing Umapped account.

A. From Step 5: Publish, select the Share with Travel Professionals tab and then click 'Add Collaborator'

B. Enter the Collaborator's (Travel Agent's) email or Umapped username** and click 'Search'

The collaborator does not need to be an existing Umapped user

C. Assign your collaborator their trip Access Level, add a Note which they will receive in the invitation email, and click 'Share Trip' Your collaborator will now receive an email inviting them to collaborator on this trip with instructions on how to access the trip.

D. By default, the itinerary will display your company logo. Your Collaborators can upload their logos and select for their logo to also be shown on the itinerary.

(OPTIONAL) You can manage the co-branding of the itinerary by clicking on 'Share with Travel Professionals' under Step 5: Publish. From here, you can select which logo(s) and contact information you would like to display on the itinerary.

The Traveler Interface

A branded email will be sent to the traveler, when you add them in Step 5. Publish, containing everything they need to access their trip.

Travelers can access their Trip in three formats. Click here to learn more: 

1. Web Itinerary 

2. PDF

3. Mobile App

Tip! Now that your traveler has access to the trip on Web Itinerary and the Mobile App, use the Umapped Messenger to send them recommendations and upsell products for their journey. Click here for more information.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact