To learn if your company is eligible and/or is already set up for Sabre Live, please email us at

The attached document outlines the initial agency setup required to start using this live connect integration.

As a first step, we invite you to share the attached document with your agency's "Sabre IT Expert". Once set up is complete please notify us at so that we can update your account settings. To learn more about the Sabre fee associated with this integration, please email

WHAT is the Sabre Live integration?

This integration is a live connection allowing you to queue place your PNRs to a Umapped assigned queue so that they become available to you from within your Umapped account (in your Umapped Booking Inbox)!

Please read this article in its entirety to learn about how the Sabre Live integration works!

WHO can use the Sabre Live integration?

Sabre Live is available to members on the Pro subscription plan (and can be set up during your free trial period as well!).

Please email us at if you are located outside of North America and want to learn more about Sabre Live.

WHY would I use the Sabre Live integration?

Benefits include:

  • access your PNRs in your Umapped Booking Inbox for easy addition to any trip itinerary¬†
  • this is a LIVE and direct connection to your Sabre GDS, which means:
  • when you make changes to the PNRs in Sabre, the changes flow through into Umapped when you re-place the PNR on the queue.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact