With your own account in Umapped, you can access the following functionality:

  • Search all your WETU itineraries in Umapped.

  • Collaborate inside Umapped on itineraries with travel industry professionals and travelers. Collaborating gives you the following additional functionality:

    • Real time chat (with travelers and Umapped users)

    • Co-branding

    • Publish the itinerary to travelers

    • Choose between different access levels for collaborators

Follow the steps below to import your own itineraries in Umapped and send collaboratively to travel professionals and/or travelers.

1. Login into your demo account & create a new trip from the Dashboard

2. Enter trip name and dates.

3. Add a cover photo.

4. Go to Step 2: Itinerary - Select Import from Wetu

4. Step 3: Documents - Attach documents or supporting files (optional). Learn more about creating documents in Umapped here.

5. Step 4: Review - Preview the itinerary with a calendar and map view. See details here.

6. Step 5: Publish

  • Collaborate with Travel Professionals - Invite travel professionals to collaborate on this trip with     you. You can choose between different access levels which allow them to add additional trip details, add their branding and publish to travelers.  Follow the steps here.

  • Publish to Travelers - Send the trip to travelers to provide them with access to their trip in 3 formats: Web, PDF and mobile app (ios & Android). Follow the steps here.