Before using the Umapped Trip Publisher, we suggest reviewing the Trip Publisher 101 information found here so you have all the information needed to get started. 

A. Terminology - Commonly used words in the Support Portal

B. Traveler Interface - The three formats of the itinerary travelers have access to

C. Trip Building Process - Overview of the 5 Step Trip building process

A. Terminology

  • Umapped Trip Publisher - Online itinerary building tool to consolidate travel bookings and content into beautiful, branded interactive proposals and itineraries for travelers.

  • Trip - Trip proposal or itinerary. You will follow the same five step process for both trip proposals and final itinerary documents.

  • Travelers - Individuals traveling on a trip (or individuals who require the same information and access levels as the travelers)

B. Traveler Interface

Travelers can access their itinerary in three formats:

  1. Mobile-responsive Web Itinerary.

  2. Branded, printable PDF document.

  3. Mobile app for iOS and Android.

C. Trip Building Process

The Umapped Trip Publisher will take you through the following 5-Step process:

Step 1: Trip Info - Start the Trip by entering the basic trip information

Step 2: Itinerary - Build the day-to-day itinerary by importing bookings, reservations and travel information 

Step 3: Documents - Include supporting or supplementary documentation (ie. e-tickets, vouchers, supplier e-docs, etc.) that your clients may need to access during their trip.

Step 4: Review - Complete a quick review before sending the trip to Travelers

Step 5: Publish - Send the Trip to Travelers

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