The Umapped Web Itinerary is more than just a trip itinerary for travelers. There are interactive components creating a collaborative and engaging experience for the travelers.

There are different components travelers can use within the Web Itinerary:

A) Guest Access

B) Collaborate on a Trip

C) Filter Itinerary

D) Trip Messenger

A) Guest Access

Travelers can share their trip details with anyone they wish through Guest Access. Guest Access provides a Read-Only view for anyone who has the URL. In Guest Access mode, trip details cannot be altered or added.

1. Copy the Web Itinerary URL and send it to family and friends. 

2. Whoever has the URL can select “Continue As Guest” to view all details of the trip.

B) Collaborate on a Trip

Travelers can add bookings to the trip as well as other travelers onto the trip.The capability to add bookings as they arise allows for quick updates to the Trip when unexpected activities or bookings are confirmed. This allows for flexibility in the trip itinerary.

1. Select the plus sign on the lower right hand side of the trip itinerary.

2. Select any icon to add flights, accommodations, transportation, activities, restaurant, rail, note or travelers. Please see here for more information.

C) Filter Itinerary

Travelers can filter the itinerary to a specific day or a specific set of bookings.

1. Click on the Filter Icon in the top righthand corner.

2. Select the bookings OR the date to filter by.

D) Umapped Messenger

Travelers can chat with travel advisors from within the Web Itinerary.

1. Select the bell icon.

2. Choose the trip name.

3. Select the segment to start chatting about.