The new web itinerary has been updated to include more functionality and implement user feedback. New features that have been added include: 

  1. Filtering Your Trip
  2. Viewing Booking Details
  3. Sharing Your Itinerary
  4. Notification for Documents
  5. And more...

Note to Advisors: the new web itinerary can be activated for all your trips by updating your preferences. In your Preferences turn on Enable Beta Web Itinerary. To learn more about your preferences, please see here

1. Filtering Trips

You can filter you itinerary the following two ways: 

  • By Activity Type - To see certain types of activities in your itinerary, filter by flight, cruise, accommodations, transportation, activity, and note.
  • By Date - To see your full itinerary on a particular day, filter by date.

To filter your itinerary, please review the following instructions:

A. Select the icon in the top right corner of your itinerary

B. Select your filter

2. Viewing Booking Details

To see more details of a booking, select More. To show less details about a booking, select Less.

3. Sharing Your Itinerary

You can now share your itinerary with whomever you want. Invite a traveler to see your trip itinerary by following these instructions: 

A. Select the plus button in the bottom right corner of your itinerary

B. Select the people icon as shown below

C. Enter the traveler's email, first name and last name. Then select Add

4. Notification for Documents

You will see a notification of any documents added to your itinerary. The notification will include how many documents are attached to your itinerary as shown below. 

5. More features available through Web Itinerary

Read more about functionality in the Web Itinerary: