You can track and view the status of the itinerary emails sent to your Travelers in Step 5:Publish. The Itinerary Email Tracking feature will show you when the itinerary email(s) was sent, delivered and how many times your client has opened and clicked on the email!

Additionally, you will be able to see if and when your clients have viewed the Web Itinerary.

Please see below for instructions on how to track itinerary emails:

1. In Step 5: Publish, you will see a mail symbol beside each Traveler's name. Select the mail icon to view the itinerary email tracking information. This mail icon only becomes visible once the trip has been Published and the itinerary email has gone out to your Traveler(s).

2. After selecting the mail symbol beside each traveler you will see the following information: 


The date and time the itinerary email was sent to the Traveler(s). You will see an entry for each time you re-send the itinerary email (Re-Publishing). To preview the itinerary email each traveler has received, please select Preview Email beside the Traveler(s) name. 


Visibility into the current status of the itinerary email. You will see one of the these options: Sent, Processed, Delivered, Opened, Bounced or Spam**.


The last time the status of the email has been updated.


The number of times the itinerary email has been opened by that Traveler(s).


The number of times the VIEW YOUR TRIP button in the itinerary email has been clicked.

Web Itinerary

You will also be able to see if your Traveler(s) have accessed the web itinerary, including the dates of both the first and last time it was accessed.

Please note if the email was not sent successfully, you will receive a bounce back email. Please check the email used to send your trip itinerary. If the email is correct, please ask your client to check that their emails is not setup to filter Umapped emails to spam and junk inbox.

Web Itinerary Email STATUS

Please see below to learn more about the STATUS a Web Itinerary email can have:

PROCESSED: Umapped's email processor is preparing the Itinerary Email to be delivered. If your Itinerary Email status remains as 'Processed' please email

DROPPED: The Itinerary Email recipient (Traveler) has previously unsubscribed or marked Umapped emails as Spam.

SENT: The Itinerary Email has been sent from Umapped's email processor.

DELIVERED: The Itinerary Email has been accepted at the receiving server (your Traveler(s)'s email server).

BOUNCED: The server cannot or will not deliver the email; bounces are often caused by outdated or incorrectly entered email addresses.

OPENED: Email has been opened.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact