The Places tab in the mobile app represents a list of locations the traveler might want to visit. Both the advisor and the traveler can add to the list of Places.  

As the advisor, you can populate Places into the mobile app for your clients by adding a Recommendation Type to a Page within Umapped Documents. Pages with Recommendation Types will be populated into Places. 

Travelers can also add to their Places by following these instructions. 

You have two options when you want to populate Places for your clients:

A. Create a Custom Document for your traveler's trip 

B. Add an existing Document from your Umapped Documents Library to your traveler's trip

A. Create a Custom Document in the trip

1. Create a Custom Document in Step 3:Documents of the trip. Please see here for full instructions. 

2. Add or Edit Pages in the Custom Document

3. From within a Page, select the appropriate Recommendation Type as shown below. 

For example, if this page included the top ten restaurants for the traveler's destination, you would select Food & Drink as the recommendation type. 


The Page will now appear under Places in the mobile app as shown below: 


B. Add an existing Document from your Umapped Documents Library to your traveler's trip

If you have an existing Umapped Document that includes the Pages you would like to populate into the app Places, make sure that each Page includes a Recommendation Type, as shown in Part A of this solution. Next, simply add the Umapped Document to the trip itinerary by following these steps:

1. From Step 3: Documents, select '+ Add a Document'


2. Search for the Umapped Document you would like to include in the trip itinerary and click Add

To learn more about the Umapped Documents Library, please see here.