The mobile app has a journal within each trip so you can post throughout your travels! You can add a location, photos, videos and notes to each journal post.  Your journal can be shared through social media or a unique web link, so friends and family can follow your journey.

Add a Journal post in 3 easy steps!

1. From within your event (trip), select the Journal tab and then select the + button. 

2. Type the title or location of your post in the outlined field below. Then you can select one of the following: 

A) Search Address - the words typed in the field will be used to search the address of the location via google maps. 

B) Use My Location - to have your current location mapped as the address of the journal post.

C) Next - if you do not want to add an address to the journal post at this time. 

3. Customize the post! You can add and edit the following: 

A) Title 

B) Address

C) Tag 

D) Date

E) Note

F) Photo

G) Video 

When you have finished your journal post, select the check mark symbol in the top right corner to return to the list of journal posts under the journal tab. 

4. Optional: When you add a photo or video, you have the following options: 

A) Add a filter (photos only)

B) Add notes

C) Delete the photo/video

After you have added the desired details, select the check mark in the top right corner.