When importing a cruise from the Umapped cruise database, along with the general cruise information and summary of the itinerary, all cruise stops will be imported into your trip as individual bookings. If you delete a cruise stop, the cruise stop will also be deleted from the itinerary summary in the cruise booking. If you want to add a cruise but do not want to include the cruise stops as separate bookings, please use the following workaround. 

1. Select the Add a Cruise from the Add a Booking drop down menu in Step 2: Itinerary of the trip. 

2. Type in the Cruise Ship name, dates and select Search

3. Select Details beside the cruise and copy the cruise itinerary outlined in the square shown below (by highlighting and copying the content). Then select Import. 

4. Paste the copied content as a content note as shown below. To add content follow part A of these instructions.  Link the content to a booking and then select Save

5. Now you can delete the cruise stops throughout the itinerary by selecting the trash can icon.