Travelers on a trip can add Bookings and Content to their itinerary via the web itinerary. For collaboration to be available to your clients, you must be using Web Itinerary 2.0

Please note, travel agents will not see the option for traveler collaboration on the web itinerary if you are signed in as the creator of the trip. If you want to review the option from the traveler's perspective, sign out by selecting the person icon in the top right of the itinerary and logging in using the traveler's email address listed in Step 5 of the trip.

In the bottom right hand corner of the web itinerary there will be a  button. Travelers can select this button to see a variety of booking options that can be added as further shown below. 

Travelers can add the following to their trip:

- Flights

 - Accommodations

- Car Rental

- Activity

Restaurant Reservation

 - Train

 - Content (any free form text)

 Add a traveler

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