When you import bookings from an outside source (GDS, ClientBase, Tour Operator, etc.), the imported name of your vendors (hotels, cruise, etc.) may not match the same vendor's name in the Umapped Vendor Database. 

To access the photos and information available in the Umapped Vendor Database for the vendors you import, you must 'match' the name of your imported vendor to the vendor's name in the Umapped Vendor Database.

 1. Click on the pencil icon next to the booking containing the vendor you want to match

2. Delete the vendor's name. 

This will not delete the rest of the imported booking information!

3. Start re-typing the vendor's name, slowly, until you see the matching vendor profile displayed - select this match!

If you want to see what is included in this vendor's profile, and to make changes to it, click on the blue pencil/notepad icon next to the vendor's name