Crop your favorite photos to fit perfectly as your trip cover photo!

After adding a cover photo in Step 1: Trip Information, you will have the option to crop and center it. 

The Crop button will appear as outlined below.

Next, you can select the portion of the photo you would like to keep as the cover photo. The area that is automatically selected, as shown below, works well for the default layout of the PDF. Depending on the PDF layout you would like to use, you may want to crop the photo accordingly. For more information on the different PDF layout options, check out Preferences here

Once you have selected the area you would like to crop, select Crop

If you have moved the selection or resized the selection and would like to get the original rectangle selection back, select Reset.  

Please note, if you are unhappy with the crop, you can select Restore Original

We would love to hear your feedback on the new cover photo cropping photo! Please email us at