If the trip details are not yet finalized, you can publish the trip as read-only. The travelers listed in Step 5 of the trip will still receive all of their trip information via email, web and mobile, however the content will be read-only. A read-only copy of the trip will not have interactive features available.

There are three main differences between a read-only and interactive trip: 
  1. Delete Button
  2. Merge Button
  3. Interactive App Features 

1. Delete Button - Trips published as read-only will still have the delete button available. Please note, trips published as interactive cannot be deleted. 

2. Merge Button - The merge function is available in trips published as read-only. To learn more about merging trips, please see here.  Please note, trips published as interactive cannot be merged however pending and trips published as read-only can be merged into a trip published as read-only. 

3. Interactive Mobile App Features - if a trip is published as read-only, the trip will not have the following functionality available to travelers on the mobile app: 

Please note the following about Read-Only published trips:
- the publish button will still read as Publish (not Re-Publish) if the trip has been published in read-only mode
- the trip will still appear under Pending Trips