Live flight notifications are sent to Travelers on a trip starting 6 hours prior to each flight's scheduled departure time. Advisors will receive a notification if the flight has been delayed or cancelled. 

Please note, there is no need to add yourself as a traveler to receive notifications.

Any changes to flights will be updated accordingly in each of the below formats:

  • PDF
  • Web Itinerary
  • Mobile App

With the day-of Live Flight Notifications and Updates*, travelers will receive the following notifications:

  • An email reminder of their scheduled flight
  • Emails regarding any delays, cancellations, gate changes
  • Notifications in the Web Itinerary
  • Notifications in the Mobile App 

The trip itinerary will be automatically update when any changes are made.

Please note: Your clients must be listed as Travelers in Step 5:Publish of the trip itinerary to receive these notifications!

*Live Flight Notifications are only available as part of the Pro membership (and during your free trial!) Flight Notifications can be turned on by default in User Preferences.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact