If you cannot find the profile of a vendor you are looking for in the Umapped Vendor Database, you can create and add your own vendor profiles at any time!

When you add your own vendor profiles, these will be saved and available in your company's account in Umapped (not shared publicly). 

See below to learn how to create a new vendor profile.

 1. When you are working on a trip and do not find a match for the vendor you are looking for, click on the blue pencil icon located next to the vendor's name you have entered. 
In the image below, we are entering a hotel/accommodation profile, however, the same process applies for any type of new vendor.

2. Click the Create button to create and save this new vendor profile. 

3. Complete the information under the Vendor Information, Address Info and Contact Info tabs. You can also use the Add a Photo button to add photos to the vendor profile.

4. Click Update!

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact support@umapped.com