If your trip itinerary includes attached files (Step 3:Documents), you can link these to specific bookings in the day-by-day itinerary (Step 2:Itinerary) so that your travelers can more easily access what they need!

**Please note that attached files must be added to a trip before you can link them to a booking

1. Start by uploading or forwarding your PDF and Word files into the Umapped itinerary

2. Once your file(s) have been uploaded/forwarded and are available in Step 3:Documents, go to Step 2:Itinerary and select the edit icon (pencil icon) next to the booking to which you would like to link the file(s)

3. Select the + Link Attached File(s) button in the bottom left of the booking screen

4. Select the file(s) you want to link from the Available Files column and then click Link

5. Your file(s) will be added to the booking! The linked file(s) will be accessible via the trip PDF, web itinerary and mobile app


- This features next update will allow you to link files from the Step 3:Documents page