If you have PDFs or Word Documents that you want to attach to the trip itinerary for your clients, you can do it in Step 3. Documents. These files can then be linked to bookings within the trip itinerary.

A. Adding PDFs/Documents

Step 1: From Step 3. Documents, select Attach PDF/Word file.

Step 2: Select Browse then choose the file that is saved to your computer, then select Upload.

Step 3: When the file has successfully uploaded, it will be displayed under Attached Files.

B. Link PDFs/Word Documents to bookings

PDF and word documents can be linked to specific bookings the trip itinerary so clients can easily access.

**Files must be added to Step 3. Documents before linking them to a booking

Step 1: In Step 2. Itinerary select the booking which you want to link a file to.

Step 2: Select + Link Attached File(s) button.

Step 3: Select the file(s) you want to link from the Available Files then click Link

Step 4: Your file(s) will be added to the booking The linked file(s) will be accessible via the trip PDF, web itinerary and mobile app

For further assistance please contact support@umapped.com