Use the Umapped Messenger to send and receive real-time messages from your clients. 

To enable/disable this feature, please adjust your User Preferences (Traveler Messaging).

Each traveler receives a unique, personalized link to the web itinerary. This gives each traveler the opportunity to send chat messages about their trip plans. Travelers can also send and and receive chat messages from the Umapped mobile app.


1. To open up the Messenger, you can:

a) Select the notification icon in the top right of your Umapped account (shown below with arrow) and select the appropriate trip


b) Select the chat icon located next to any trip booking (shown below with arrow) in the appropriate trip

2. Select the Messenger 'room' (booking), type in your message and click Enter!

3. Your clients will receive a notification(s) in the top right of their web itinerary (circled below)

If your clients are also using the Umapped mobile app and have their app notifications enabled, they will also receive a mobile notification.


- If offline when messages are sent via the Umapped Messenger, both the advisor and traveler(s) will receive email digests every 30 minutes