Preferences is where you can select account preferences that help shape your clients’ itineraries, in both design and functionality.

New preferences will be continually added - share the preferences you'd like to see with our Support Team at

 To find My Preferences, select your initials in the top right of your account and then select My Preferences as shown below:

There are two types of preferences:
1. PDF 

2. Itinerary

1. PDF Preferences

      a) PDF LayoutUnder PDF Template, you can choose between the following four layouts:

      b) Printer Friendly PDFIn addition to the preferred layout, by turning Printer Friendly PDF ON, you can give the traveler the option of downloading a printer friendly PDF that will not include photos. 

2. Itinerary Preferences

      a) 24 Hour Clock - If you prefer all times to be shown in a 24 hour clock format, select ON. If the setting is left OFF, by default, all times will appear in 12 hour format.

      b) Traveler Messaging - If you would like messages to only be sent one-way, from you to the traveler, you can disable the ability for the traveler to message you by selecting OFF beside Traveler Messaging.

      c) Notifications - If you would like to see missed messages while you are offline, you can choose to receive an email digest of these messages by selecting ON.

      d) Web Itinerary 2.0 - The new web itinerary is now available to travelers! To ensure your travelers receive the new web itinerary be sure to select ON. Please note travelers with unsupported web browsers will be redirected to the previous web itinerary design. 

      e) Traveler Collaboration - When this setting is ON, travelers will be able to add bookings and notes to their trips. Travelers will not be able to edit any bookings or content that they did not add.  Please note, this is only available if Enable New Web Itinerary is ON.  To learn more, please see here

      f) Day-of Flight Notifications - To ensure your travelers receive flight notifications on the day of their flight be sure to select ON. To learn more, please see here.

Please note, you must select Save to confirm all preferences selected.