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PDF Layout

Layout 1 (Default): banner-style cover photo, thumbnail booking photos

Layout 2 (Large Photos): full-size cover photo, full-size booking photos

Layout 3 (Large Photos and Thumbnails): full-size cover photo, full-size + thumbnail booking photos 

Layout 4 (Printer Friendly): no photos

24 Hour Clock

Turn this preference to ON to display times in 24hr format.

Traveller Messaging

Two-way communication between you and your travellers via the Umapped Messenger.
When turned to OFF, you will still be able to send messages to your travellers but they will unable to reply.

Email Notifications

Receive an email digest of the messages you missed while offline.

Web Itinerary 2.0 

Web Itinerary 2.0 includes additional traveller functionality including collaboration & chat.

Travellers with unsupported web browsers will be redirected to the previous web itinerary design (Web Itinerary 1.0).

Traveller Collaboration

Travellers will be able to add Bookings and Notes to their trips. 

Travellers will not be able to edit any bookings or content that they did not add.  

Please note, this is only available on Web Itinerary 2.0.  To learn more, please see here

Day-of Flight Notifications

To ensure your travellers receive flight notifications on the day of their flight be sure to select ON
To learn more, please see here.

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