The Preview Email button next to each Traveler's name in Step 5:Publish allows you to make a copy of a particular Traveler's itinerary email which you can send from your own email account, when required.

* Please note that this feature is only required if your travellers report not having received the automated itinerary email from our system

Each Traveler has a distinct email with their own personalized itinerary links. These links are personalized so that the chat feature can be used properly. Always make sure to send each Traveller their own email preview, and not that of other Travelers' on the same trip. The link will not work for travelers who are not listed in Step 5:Publish. 

1. After Publishing the trip in Step 5:Publish, click Preview Email next to the Traveler's name.

From here you can view this email on the web, or continue with step 2 below to send a copy of this email to your travelers.

2. Select the contents of this email preview and copy + paste the contents of this email preview into a new message in your email account.

3. Send the email!