What is the Sabre LIVE integration?

This integration is a live connection between Umapped and your Sabre account. The integration allows you to queue place your PNRs to a Umapped assigned queue so that they become available to you from within your Umapped account (in your Umapped Booking Inbox)!

Please read this article in its entirety to learn about how the Sabre Live integration works!

Who can use the Sabre LIVE integration?

Sabre Live is available to members on the Travel Pro plan (and can be set up during your free trial period as well!)

Why would I use the Sabre LIVE integration?

Benefits include:

- access your PNRs in your Umapped Booking Inbox for easy addition to any trip itinerary 

- this is a live and direct connection to your Sabre GDS, which means when you make changes to the PNRs within Sabre and re-place the PNR on the Umapped assigned queue, the changes will automatically update in Umapped.

Sabre LIVE Set Up

Sabre Live must be set up for your company in Umapped. 

If your company is not currently configured with Sabre LIVE, read here to learn about setting up the integration.

How to use Sabre LIVE
A. Request that your Sabre ID be linked to your Umapped account
Link your Sabre ID to your Umapped account so that the PNRs you make available in Umapped display automatically in your Booking Inbox (without you having to search for them).

Your Sabre Agent ID is a 3 character code that can be found by typing the *S command into your blue screen.

B. Start using the integration! 

Step 1: Queue place your Sabre PNRs to the selected Umapped queue! 

When you place a Sabre PNR on the Umapped queue, you will then be able to access your Sabre PNRs from your Booking Inbox (please allow up to 15 minutes for the sync to occur).

Step 2: From the Dashboard tab click on Booking Inbox

Your Sabre ID should be automatically displayed, however, you can search by entering the Sabre PNR into the Keyword search field and clicking Search

Step 3: Select the box next to the PNR(s) you wish to add to an itinerary

Step 4: Click Add To Trip

Step 5: Are you creating a new trip or adding to an existing trip?

  • For a new trip, enter the desired trip name and click Create
  • For an existing trip, enter the trip name and click Add To Trip

Important Information

What do I do if there are updates/changes to the PNR?

If you make a change to a PNR after it has been added to a Umapped itinerary, please re-place the PNR to the Umapped queue so that the changes are automatically updated in your Umapped trip itinerary. 

Please note, you do not need to create a new trip through your Booking Inbox when you re-queue a PNR. The changes will be reflected in your existing Umapped itinerary!

If you are adding additional booking information in Umapped, we suggest using the Add Content feature in Umapped to avoid disruption during the automatic updating of information from the GDS*

What do I do if there are updates/changes to flights in the PNR directly from the airline?

When agents are notified of changes or cancellations from airlines in Sabre, you will have to re-place the PNR to the Umapped queue so that the changes are updated in your Umapped trip itinerary.  

We recommend that your Sabre IT Expert setup an automation rule so that anytime a change happens, the PNR can be placed automatically on the Umapped queue to update your Umapped trip itinerary.

Email our Support Team to learn more about the Sabre LIVE integration, including:
  • To link your Sabre ID with your Umapped account: email our team with your Sabre agent ID and PCC
  • If you live outside of North America and want to learn more about Sabre LIVE
  • To find out the Umapped assigned queue for your company
  • If your Sabre Agent ID is not automatically displayed in the Booking Inbox
  • To learn if your company is set up with Sabre LIVE 

For further assistance please contact support@umapped.com