The Ensemble Hotel and Cruise Amenities can be added in a click of a button to any booking with a preferred hotel or cruise partner.


1. When entering the name of the preferred partner, select the match from the Umapped vendor database.


2. The Add Ensemble Amenities button will appear on the right hand side of the booking screen. When you click on the Add Ensemble Amenities button, the amenities for this partner will be added to the Details section of the booking. 


If the Add Ensemble Amenities button does not appear, this could be for 2 reasons:

1. Has your company account been linked to the Ensemble preferred program in Umapped?

Email us to find out!

2. Does the preferred partners name you have entered/imported match the corresponding vendor profile in Umapped?

When you import bookings, the name of the hotel/cruise might not match the corresponding profile in Umapped. You must match the profile in Umapped so that the amenities are available to be added. Please follow these steps:

a. From your booking screen, delete the name of the hotel/cruise that was imported

b. Re-enter the name word by word. Umapped will search the vendor database and suggest a match.

c. Select the correct match and the Ensemble Amenities button will appear!