When you are forwarding your Alpine Adventures email confirmation into Umapped, the email address from which you are sending the bookings/documents must match the email address listed in your Umapped account.


For help to update your account email address please email support@umapped.com

How to Import Alpine Adventures Bookings

1) Locate your Umapped email API address

The first step is to locate your email API address, which you can find under your user Profile. 

Find your initials in the top right of the screen and click to select My Profile.

Tip: We recommend saving your Umapped email API address in your address book for easy reference with a name you will easily remember (e.g. Umapped email API).

    2)  Set Up Your Email

    Forward your Alpine Adventures confirmation to your Umapped API email address (explained above)

    Edit the email subject line

  • To start a new trip itinerary: the subject line of your email will be used to generate the Trip name. 
  • To add to an existing trip itinerary: match the email subject line to your existing Trip name so that the document is add to the appropriate trip


3)  Finding your Bookings/Documents in Umapped

The booking details will be processed and attached in your pending trip itinerary, which you can find by searching by trip name in your Umapped account.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact support@umapped.com