Format the PDF version of your itinerary by adding page breaks before or after Bookings and Content Notes!

Learn where you can add page breaks to your PDF below:

Before or After Bookings

1. In Step2. Itinerary, select the Tag icon of the booking you would like to add a break to.

2. Check off the action you would like - either to insert a PDF page break before or insert a PDF page break after, then select Save.

3. To view your changes, go to Step 4. Review and select Preview PDF

Reorder Content Notes

In addition to adding a break before or after a content note, you can also select to have a content note appear at the end of the itinerary. 

If the Content Note is not attached to a specific date, it can be added to the top of the itinerary or moved to the end. 

1. In Step2. Itinerary, select the Tag icon of the Content Note you would like to rearrange.

2. Check off the box to Place at end of itinerary, then select Save. The Content Note will now appear as the last item in the itinerary.


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