You can upload and attach documents to a client's itinerary that are 10MB or less in size. These documents will be visible under the documents tab of the web and mobile itinerary. 

To attach documents (Word or PDF format) to a client's itinerary, please follow these steps:

1. From Step 3: Documents, select Attach Word or PDF.

2. Click Upload File and then Choose File. Select the Word/PDF file that you would like to attach from your computer and click Upload.

Please note, you can also forward attachments to your Umapped account and trip by email. Click here to learn more.

If your file is under 10MB and you are unable to successfully attach it to your trip itinerary, please remove any special characters from the file name.

 The documents added in Step 3: Documents will be available to the traveler in the web itinerary and the mobile app as shown below. 

Web Itinerary:

Mobile App: