• Store information that can be reused across multiple itineraries in the Umapped Library.
  • Examples of content for reuse: Terms & Agreements, other company information & policies, destination content, etc. 

There are 3 ways to add content saved in your Documents Library to trip itineraries:

A.  Step 3: Documents. For instructions, please see Part A here.

B. Individual PAGEs of a Umapped Document can be added into the day-by-day itinerary in Step 2: Itinerary. For instructions, please see Part B here

C. Umapped Documents can be customized within an individual trip by adding relevant PAGEs to a Custom Trip Document in Step 3: Documents. To learn more about customizing a document from within a trip, please see here

Follow these steps to create and store information/content in your Umapped Documents Library so it is available to be added to any trip (in any of the above mentioned ways; see A-C above):

1. Log into your Umapped account and select Library from the top menu bar, and then New Document.

2. Title the Document, select the Document Type and click Create.

If you are creating a Document for general information, contact information, Terms & Agreement information, etc., we suggest giving the Document a name like 'General Information'

3. Add a Cover Photo, if desired, by clicking on the grey photo thumbnail. To learn more about all the ways you can customize a document, please see here

*If this document contains general information, and will only be added one Page at a time into an itinerary, then you do not need to add a cover photo

4. Click Add a New Page, enter the page Title and click Create.

*In this example, we are creating a Page with our Cancellation Policy information

5. Copy the information/content into the introduction field, customize the page as desired. To learn more about all the ways you can customize a page, please see here. Then click Save.

6. Repeat Steps 4-5 to continue to add as many Pages as desired.