You can forward official booking email confirmations from hundreds of different vendors into your Umapped trip itineraries. Click here to view the list of supported airlines, hotels, and suppliers. 

The booking information will be added into Step 2. Itinerary of your trip. This integration is supported via our own proprietary technology and Worldmate.

Important: You can only forward email confirmations into a Pending trip. Once a trip is Published, forwarded emails will create a new Pending trip which can be merged with the Published trip.

How do I forward email confirmations into my Umapped trip itinerary?

1. Access your email 

When possible, access your email from your desktop mail program, like Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook, this is preferred over webmail.

2. Locate the original booking confirmation email that you would like to forward into Umapped 

(i.e. directly from Airline, Hotel or reservations website like

3. Select to 'Forward' the email

If possible, forward your email as an attachment; find the Menu option, usually under "Message" or "More" and click Forward as Attachment (see image below).

If you need help forwarding your email as an attachment, please email

4. Enter your Umapped API email in the 'To' field

Tip: Your Umapped API email is located under your Profile in Umapped. We recommend saving this email to your address book.

5. Enter the subject line as outlined below:

A. If you are adding this to an existing trip, enter the Trip name as the subject line of the email. 

B. If you are creating a new trip, enter the desired Trip name as the subject line of the email or leave it as is and update it later in Step 1: Trip Info of the trip. 

C. If the email contains an attachment, add #parse in the subject line. For example, if the subject line is "Family Vacation 2016" change it to "Family Vacation 2016 #parse".

6. Press Send! 

7. Were you adding these booking details to an existing trip or starting a new trip? 

A. If you are adding this to an an existing trip, locate the trip (the Trip name will equal the subject line of the booking email confirmation you forwarded) to see the bookings that have been added in Step 2. 

B. If you are starting a new trip, locate the Pending trip that has been created and continue to add to the trip itinerary!

8.  If you cannot locate the information from the email in your trip or the Pending trip that has been created:

A. Check to see if the booking created a new trip under Pending Trips with the name of the trip as the subject line of the email. If you would like to add these bookings to a trip you have already started, please see here for instructions. 

B. You can see the status of the emails you forwarded in on your API Email Activity Dashboard. To learn more, click here

Important Information

Please note, if the confirmation you forwarded was unsupported or unrecognized (you can see the status of your emails in your (API Email Activity Dashboard), the contents of the email will be added as a content block in Step 2: Itinerary. You can edit the content note by selecting the pencil in the top right corner of the content block, or delete the the content by selecting the trash can. Please review this information if you are unsure why the content of your email was not successfully added as bookings to your trip.

Make sure that the email from which you are sending the documents matches the email address in your Umapped account.

Please note that Umapped will not be able to parse any emails that you have received that someone has forwarded to you, only direct emails from vendors can be parsed.

Please note that trip Collaborators cannot forward email confirmations into a trip that is shared with them from a different company.

Emails cannot be forwarded into a published trip, however confirmations can be sent in and then merged into a published trip. Please see here for more information.

If you are experiencing issues or have questions about forwarding email confirmations, please see here for more information.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact