You can import ShoreTrips excursions two different ways. These two different ways include:

  • while you add a cruise itinerary  
  • independent of a cruise itinerary from the Tour Operators drop-down menu (shown below)

How to Add a ShoreTrips Excursion From the Tour Operator Drop-Down Menu

Step 1: From Step 2: Itinerary of a trip, select ShoreTrips from the Tour Operators drop-down menu

Step 2: Select the Port and enter a Booking Date and Time, click Search

Step 3: You can view the various options for the port by selecting Details. Select Import when you have chose the ShoreTrips excursion you want to add to the itinerary. You can also Book a ShoreTrips excursion by clicking Book (you will be taken to the ShoreTrips website)

Step 4: Once you click Import, you will be taken to the information page for this excursion. You can make any necessary edits and then click Save to add this booking to the itinerary

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