When you select Add Content in Step 2: Itinerary, you have two options:

A. Add New Content

B. Copy a Page from your Documents

Add Content is available at the top of the itinerary and next to each date in the itinerary

A. Add New Content

1. Select '+ Content' and then 'Content Note'

2. Enter a Title and any content in the Note section and click Save.
You can also enter a Date and Time for this New Content, however, refer to Step 3 below for more details about New Content placement in the itinerary.

3. If this New Content is associated with a particular Booking, select this Booking from the Link to Booking drop-down menu.* 
*This will ensure that your New Content is placed after the Booking in the itinerary.

4. To add Photos, Videos or Links to the New Content, select the appropriate button and follow instructions.
** The ability to add photos, videos and links will only be available once you have clicked Save after giving your Content note a Title.

5. Click Save

B. Copy a Page from your Documents

1. Select '+ Content' and then 'Copy a Page From Your Documents'

2. Use the Keyword search to find the Page you want to add to the trip itinerary. Once you have found the Page click Copy.

3. After clicking Copy you will have the chance to edit the Page 
    You can:
      - Enter new text or edit existing text
      - Format text
      - Link this Page to a Booking
      - Add Photos, Videos, or Links

4. You can 'drag and drop' your Page to the desired spot in the itinerary