Step 1: From Step 2: Itinerary of a trip, select the pencil icon on the top right of the booking you want to add photos to. 

Step 2: Select the notepad icon beside the name of the vendor in the booking.

Step 3: Click on Add a Photo. (NB: If this vendor does not already exist in Umapped, first click +Create and then on Add a Photo)

Step 4: Select from one of the following options to add photos. For full instructions on adding photos, please see here

A. Hotel Photos: select a photo from Umapped's official hotel photo database that is available for 20,000 vendors

B. Search Image Library: search the wiki media image library using keywords

C. Search Web: search the web or the hotel's website for photos

D. Upload Photo: add a photo from your computer

Step 5: Once you have added photos, select Update and then Return to Booking.

Please note from Step 2: Itinerary, you can review the photos for a vendor by clicking on the camera icon.

Any vendor profiles that you have edited or created will have ** beside them when adding them into a booking as shown below:

**If your booking, already has photos, select the camera icon, then select Add Photos and you will be brought directly into the Vendor Profile to update. 

For further assistance please contact