Each vendor added to Umapped has a profile. The Umapped Vendor Database contains thousands of vendors, however you can also add your own. Photos can be added to any vendor profile. Once a photo is added to a vendor profile, it will be there any time you add that vendor to a booking. 

1. From Step 2: Itinerary of a trip, select the pencil icon on the top right of the booking you want to add photos to. 

2. Select the notepad icon beside the name of the vendor in the booking.

3. Click on Add a Photo. (NB: If this vendor does not already exist in Umapped, first click +Create and then on Add a Photo)

4. Select from one of the following options to add photos. For full instructions on adding photos, please see here

    A. Hotel Photos: select a photo from Umapped's official hotel photo database that is available for 20,000 vendors

    B. Search Image Library: search the wiki media image library using keywords

    C. Search Web: search the web or the hotel's website for photos

    D. Upload Photo: add a photo from your computer

5. Once you have added photos, select Update and then Return to Booking.

Please note from Step 2: Itinerary, you can review the photos for a vendor by clicking on the camera icon.

Any vendor profiles that you have edited or created will have ** beside them when adding them into a booking as shown below:

If your booking, already has photos, select the camera icon, then select Add Photos and you will be brought directly into the Vendor Profile to update. 

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact support@umapped.com