Amadeus CheckMyTrip GDS Import and PDF Upload is currently unavailable. For more information, please email

You can import your Amadeus records into Umapped in several ways, which are detailed below. Please note that your Amadeus records must be available via the Check My Trip website for this integration to function properly. 

There are 3 to import from Amadeus Check My Trip

A. Import by Record Locator

B. Upload a Check My Trip PDF

C. Forward a Check My Trip PDF to your Umapped email API

A. Import by Record Locator

1. From Step 2: Itineraryselect Import from GDS from the Import Bookings drop-down menu.

2. Enter the Record Locator, the Last Name, and the First Name associated with the reservations.


3. Select Amadeus CheckMyTrip from the Booking System drop-down menu.


4. Click Import.



B. Upload a Check My Trip PDF

*Your Check My Trip Amadeus PDF can be accessed by downloading a PDF from the Check My Trip website 

1. From Step 2: Itinerary, select Upload Booking PDF from the Import Bookings drop-down menu.

2. Choose your Amadeus invoice PDF file that is saved on your computer.


3. Select Amadeus from the Itinerary Type drop-down menu.


4. Click Upload.

C. Forward a Check My Trip PDF to your Umapped email API

  • For a new trip: the subject line of your email will be used to generate the Trip name.
  • For an existing Trip: match the subject line to your existing Trip name to link the data to your existing Trip. Otherwise, you'll be able to merge the trips together in Umapped.

Please note, if bookings are re-imported to a trip, the information that was previously imported will be updated. For this reason, we suggest adding additional itinerary and booking information/descriptions using the Add Content feature to avoid loosing any information or content that was previously added to the bookings.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact