You can make copies of your trips – all the bookings, documents and attachments will be added to a new copy of the trip. The original trip will remain unchanged. 

Tip! This is a popular option when a trip is booked for groups or multiple people with varying travel information. You can duplicate the trip for each couple, family or traveler and then add their flight, room, insurance and any other customizable options. 


Please note, this option is only available for trips that do not have any updates from collaborators.

1. Select the trip you want to copy to create a new trip. In Step 1: Trip Info, select Manage Trip and then Duplicate this Trip.

2. Enter the name of the new trip or leave it as "(trip name) copy" and then select Copy.

Please note, trips that are shared with collaborators outside of the company cannot be duplicated.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact