If you have an travel42 account, you can import your travel42 Trip Plans into a Umapped itinerary in one of two ways:

You are able to import existing travel42 Trip Plans into either:

A. a Umapped Document (available in your Document Library for easy addition to any Trip itinerary), or,

B. into a Custom Trip Document (this option adds the Trip Plans to a specific Trip itinerary only)

A. Import travel42 Trip Plans into a Umapped Document

1. Log in to your Umapped account

2.  Click on Library on the top menu bar and select New Document

3. Add a Title and click Create

4. Click on Add Pages and Add External Content

4. Select the travel42 Trip Plans tab and enter your travel42 login credentials.

*Please note that Umapped does not store your login details, so you will need to login again when your session expires.

**Alternatively, you can enter your travel42 Trip Plan URL into the bottom field of the pop up screen and click IMPORT


5. You will see a drop-down list of your travel42 Trip Plans.



6. Select a Trip Plan to preview it.


7. Add the Trip Plan to your Custom Trip Document.


Each section of your Trip Plan will be added as a separate page in Umapped - you can then add dates/times/locations and reorder the pages as desired. 

Please note that the imported content from travel42 is not editable.


B. Import travel42 Trip Plans into a Umapped Document

1. Log in to your Umapped account and find the trip you wish to add your travel42 Trips Plans to

2. Go to Step 3. Documents and select Create 


3. Add a Title and click 'Create'

4. Follow Steps 4-7 from Part A

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact support@umapped.com