You can preview the itinerary before sending it off to travellers or sharing with travel professionals. 

You can preview the trip in 2 places: 

A) Step 4: Preview
B) Step 5: Publish  

A) Step 4: Preview

You can view the Itinerary, Documents, and Map that is generated. In this step, you can also Download PDF of the Itinerary. 

Please note the downloaded PDF of the itinerary will have DRAFT marked on it. These marks will not appear once the trip has been published in Step 5: Publish.

B) Step 5: Publish  

Before sending to clients or sharing with travel professionals, you can preview the web itinerary and in the mobile app. To do this, first Publish the Trip.

  • Web preview: After the Trip is published, you will see a blue button labeled Preview Online Itinerary.
  • Mobile app preview: Add yourself as a traveller by adding your name and email address. Before adding your clients names, you can remove yourself as a traveller.