Publishing a trip to Travelers (your clients) means that they will receive an email containing:

- the link to their web itinerary (from which they can download the PDF version of their itinerary), and;

- a reminder that they are able to access their trip itinerary on the Umapped mobile app.

Follow the steps outlined below to Publish the trip itinerary to your clients:

1. Add your clients as Travelers

2. Publish the Trip

1. Add your clients as Travelers

Enter the Name and Email address of each client and select the blue button Add Traveler

**You can add multiple travelers to an itinerary (the online itinerary and mobile app also include the ability for travelers to invite their travel companions). 

**You will also have visibility as to whether your clients have downloaded the app as they will be listed as either "a registered mobile user" or "not a registered mobile user'. It is important to note that some travelers default to viewing their itinerary online or as a PDF and decide not to download the app.

2. Publish the Trip

Select the green Publish Trip button. Next, a window will pop-up where you can enter an optional Note to your travelers; this Note will appear in the email they receive. - Click Publish again to send the itinerary email to any listed Travelers.


- Once a trip has been Published, you can continue to add Travelers to a trip; each new Traveler will automatically receive the itinerary by email since the trip has already been Published.

- If you edit a trip that has already been Published, make sure to Re-Publish the Trip