When publishing a trip to travelers, they will receive an email containing:

1. The link to their web itinerary

2. A reminder that they are able to access their trip itinerary on the Umapped mobile app.

Follow the steps outlined below to Publish the trip itinerary to your clients:

1. Add your clients as travelers

A) Enter the name and email address of each client

B) Select the blue button Add Traveler.

**You can add multiple travellers to an itinerary (the online itinerary and mobile app also include the ability for travellers to invite their travel companions). 

**You will also have visibility as to whether your clients have downloaded the app as they will be listed as either "a registered mobile user" or "not a registered mobile user'.

2. Publish the Trip

A) Select the green Publish Trip button. 

B) A window will pop-up where you can enter an optional Note to your travellers; this Note will appear in the email they receive. 

C) Click Publish again to send the itinerary email to any listed travellers.


1. Once a trip has been Published, you can continue to add Travelers to a trip; each new Traveler will automatically receive the itinerary by email since the trip has already been Published.

2. If you edit a trip that has already been Published, make sure to Re-Publish the Trip 

For further assistance please contact support@umapped.com