There are 2 ways to attach PDFs/Word files:

A) Upload in Step 3: Documents

B) Forward the PDF/Word files by email

A) Upload in Step 3: Documents

Step 1: From Step 3: Documents, select Attach Word or PDF.


Step 2: Click Upload File and then Choose File. Select the Word/PDF file that you would like to attach from your computer and click Upload.

 B) Forward the PDF/Word files by email

Step 1Locate your Umapped email API address.

The first step is to locate your email API address, which you can find under your user Profile. Find your initials in the top right of the screen and click to select My Profile.

** It is recommended to save your Umapped email API address in your address book for easy reference with a name you will easily remember (e.g Umapped API).


Step 2:  Set Up Your Email.

  • To start a new trip itinerary: the subject line of your email will be used to generate the Trip name. 

  • To add to an existing trip itinerary: match the email subject line to your existing Trip name so that the document is added to the appropriate trip.

3.  Find your Bookings/Documents in Umapped.

The content will be attached or processed under a Pending Trip Itinerary, which you can find by searching the Trip Name.

  • If the PDF source is a supported integration, the booking details will automatically be processed under Step 2: Itinerary. The original document will also be attached under Step 3: Documents.
  • If the PDF source is unknown, the PDF will be attached under Step 3:Documents.


Click here to see all the integrations currently available in Umapped.

**If your file is under 10MB and you are unable to successfully attach it to your trip itinerary, please remove any special characters from the file name.

For further assistance please contact