Click on the +New Trip button to get started building a new itinerary!

Building a trip is a 5 Step process!

Step 1: Trip Information 

  • Start off by entering the basic trip information like the Trip Name and Travel Dates

Step 2: Itinerary 

  • This is where you will import and add bookings to create the day-by-day itinerary!

Step 3: Documents 

  • Add supporting documentation like vouchers, e-tickets, PDF files, destination information and more

Step 4: Review 

  • Check point before you send the itinerary for review and to your clients!

Step 5: Publish 

  • Publishing a trip creates the 3 formats: PDF, web itinerary, mobile app itinerary. Send the Published trip to your clients!

Step 1: Trip information

A) Enter the Trip Name, Start and End Dates and click Save.

B) Add a Trip Cover Photo (click here to read about the different ways to add photos).

Step 2: Itinerary

A) Click on Import Bookings to import bookings from your GDS, ClientBase, forward email confirmations, and more!

B) Click on Add a Booking to add bookings into the itinerary yourself!

C) Click on Tour Operators to import confirmations and bookings from a list of suppliers that are partnered with Umapped!

Please click here for the complete list of integrations.

Step 3: Documents

Add documents from your Library to include destination content, recommendations from 3rd party sites etc. You can also create a custom trip document or also attach a Word/PDF file.

Step 4: Review 

Review all of your trip information (bookings, documents, attachments). This step is a summary of everything you have entered into the itinerary.

Step 5: Publish


Send the itinerary to travellers or share with travel professionals. An email will be sent with a link to the itinerary online (including PDF documents) and on the mobile app.