Please review the following questions to understand why a trip itinerary may not be appearing on a mobile device:


1. Does the email address you signed up to Umapped with match the email address your travel provider used?

Check with your travel provider to make sure that the email address you are using for the mobile app matches the email registered for this trip. If you received an email about your trip itinerary, please check to see what email it was addressed to.


2. Are you connected to the internet?

Internet connectivity (WiFi or Mobile Data) is required to initially download the trip itinerary to a mobile device. Once the trip has been downloaded to the mobile device, it is now accessible offline.


3. Does the mobile device require an update?

If a mobile device has not been updated, the app may not be optimized. Please check your device settings to ensure an update is not required. 


4. Has the trip been archived?

Depending on the number of trips you have listed in the app, the trip may have been archived to avoid large downloads at one time on your mobile device. Please check the Archive tab to see any trips that have been archived. 


If you are still unable to see the trip on your mobile device, please email