Templates are used to save a group of bookings together.

Please note, if you are looking to save content and text based entries for easy re-use in a trip, please see our section on Documents here.

When working with Templates you can:

A. Convert a trip into a template

B. Build a template from scratch

Read about how to add a template into a trip here.

 A. Convert a trip into a Template

You can convert a trip into a template in order to copy select bookings from your original itinerary to another one which may have similar components. 

Step 1: Go to Step 1:Trip Information in the trip you wish to convert into a template

Step 2: Click on the Manage Trip drop-down menu and select Convert to a Template

Step 3: Name the template and click Convert

Step 4: Manage the privacy setting for this template by selecting either Private or Public. Selecting Private will make the template visible to only you. By selecting Public, other advisors under your company will be able to see and use the template.

 B. Build a Template from scratch

Step 1: From the Templates tab, select New Trip Template

Step 2: Enter the Template Name, select a Sharing setting, enter a trip Duration time and select Save.

Step 3: From Step 2: Bookings, select the category of the booking you want to add to a template and fill in all appropriate fields. Select Save when all details have been added. 

You have now created a Template that you can add to any future trips you create. 

Learn more about: Adding a Template into a Trip

If you need further assistance or have additional questions please contact support@umapped.com